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Internet “hands in hand” manufacturing boosts industrial upgrading

As we all know, the essence of "Internet + manufacturing" is the transformation of manufacturing data through the Internet, relying on the rapid flow of data, rapid application, and efficient collisions to achieve rapid industrial productivity upgrades. With the advent of a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes, how can Internet+ and traditional manufacturing industries “hand in hand” in the storm driving innovation? How can traditional manufacturing industries rely on the powerful capabilities of the Internet + to upgrade to science and technology? industry"? This is not only to grasp the major opportunities brought about by industrial integration, but also the unavoidable "examination questions" proposed by the industry development trend.

The implementation of the network "big project" is the foundation. To allow Internet + manufacturing to “closely rely”, we must comply with the laws of digital production methods, and in the context of the era of Industry 4.0, the Internet + any industry model, are inseparable from the complete and mature network infrastructure. Therefore, it is a basic project to maximize the efficiency of the Internet + manufacturing by consolidating the construction of network infrastructure, promoting the evolution of transmission and access networks, deploying high-speed all-optical networks, and continuously increasing the rate of information transmission systems at the core of the network infrastructure. . In addition, by taking various industrial parks and economic development zones as the center, and through effective measures such as accelerating the construction and transformation of dedicated optical fibers for the Internet industry and the establishment of cloud computing centers, the “big project” of comprehensively implementing network infrastructure construction is Realize the basic requirements of the Internet + manufacturing industry.

Passing information "big platform" is the key. Manufacturing industry is an organic whole consisting of human resources, raw material supply, production, and sales. There are a lot of information exchanges between various links, and traditional manufacturing information sharing has always been fragmented, decentralized, and not timely. Inaccurate and inaccurate short boards, to a certain extent, affect the scientific nature of industry management and decision-making. Under the new situation, to realize the deep integration of the Internet + manufacturing industry, it is necessary to integrate the existing business network information resources, increase the vertical exchanges and cooperation between traditional manufacturing enterprises and Internet portal companies, and centralize the optimization of procurement, production, sales, and services. The key information transmission modes such as the link, the realization of modern network-based "big data" sharing and cooperation, and comprehensively promote the efficient interoperability between the market and enterprises, enterprises and customers, and enterprises and enterprises.

Strengthening technological "big support" is a guarantee. The “Internet +” industry model has brought profound changes to the R&D and design, manufacturing, industry form, and business model of traditional manufacturing. According to the trend of industrial development, it is not difficult to see that in the future, technological innovation will inevitably become the main driving force for the development of the Internet + manufacturing industry. Therefore, in order to always take advantage of this fast-track channel for science and technology, it is necessary to continuously research the industrial foundation, development situation, and development direction, actively connect advanced technologies at home and abroad, grasp real-time trends in the industry, and introduce and cultivate professional industries. Talented people, with strong scientific and technological wisdom, provide intellectual support and technical protection for the Internet + manufacturing industry, use science and technology to cultivate new kinetic energy, and lead the traditional excellent manufacturing industry with “swiftly moving forward” with new momentum.