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Tai'an Yueshou Ranked Top 50 Chinese Construction Machinery Manufacturers for Five Consecutive Years

On September 21, 2015, the Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference and Top 50 Summit was held in Beijing. Leaders of global leading companies from the United States, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, France, Italy, Finland and other places came to the conference and conducted in-depth discussions and prospects for future global and Chinese economic and construction machinery industry development. Both Chinese and foreign companies showed confidence in the future operation and development of the Chinese construction machinery industry.

The top 50 list of China's construction machinery manufacturers was announced at the meeting. Tai'an Yueshou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., as a well-known enterprise in the mixing plant industry, has been ranked in this list for five consecutive years. Mr. Li Ayan, General Manager of Tai'an Yueshou, attended the meeting. . As a road construction machinery complete machine enterprise, Tai'an Yueshou always upholds mixing as the core, technological innovation as the guide, differentiated product layout with special features, emphasizing the implementation of the service concept of all staff close to the user.

On September 21, 2015, the Global Construction Machinery Industry Conference and Top 50 Summit was held in Beijing.

In recent years, Yue first won the top ten brands of asphalt mixing stations in China, Shandong famous brand products, consumer trust brands, Shandong Machinery Industry 100, China Road Construction Machinery 60 years outstanding contribution award, China Construction Machinery Manufacturers Top 50 Honor. In addition, the company has obtained more than 100 patents and is responsible for drafting three national industry standards. The company has continuously approached the needs of users and enhanced product innovation. At the BICES2015 exhibition held on September 22nd, Yueshou Construction Machinery launched the mobile asphalt mixing equipment and mobile type with the theme of “mobile, convenient, professional, and different” as the theme of the exhibition. Concrete mixing plant, container concrete mixing plant, rail lifting concrete mixing plant, mobile stabilized soil planting equipment, urban environment-friendly asphalt mixing plant and many other equipment.

Entrepreneurs of the conference were optimistic about the future trend of construction machinery market in China and even the world. However, 79% of entrepreneurs in the on-site survey believe that the industry will decline in 2016, but the decline will narrow. 49% think that 2018 will stop falling and rebound. Participating entrepreneurs generally believe that: product information and intelligence, production lean and smart manufacturing, differentiated manufacturing, flexible production, customer-centric, to meet the diverse needs of customers and personalized needs is the direction of corporate change. In the downturn, cash is king. The industry structure will be further divided and the industry will enter the era of competition and cooperation. It is expected that more than one third of the companies will withdraw from the market.